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  Version - 1.0 Support - Joomla 3.x Free Joomla Module

Jx Parallax Content Slider

This is an Amazing Joomla Module that displays a content slider at your Joomla website/page. It can be displayed at home page or any other page and any other Module Positions. The most amazing thing is You can Display Joomla native articles in the content slider as well as if you wish to display custome information and image you can also do that.

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Core Features

Joomla Com_content Support

Joomla Native Articles can be display in the content slider. Also Article Image can be displayed

Custom Content Support

Beside Joomla Native Articles, Custom Content can be displayed with custom images

Customizable Styles

The styles of the slider is customizable. You can use you color schemes and custom background image

Responsive Layout

The slider is fully responsive enough to fit any smart devices

Light Weight

The extension is very light weight and used clean coding by skilled developer

Style Matched Template

You can use custom styles to match the style simillar to your template

FAQ & Version History

  • Version-1.0

    - May 02, 2018

    - Support Com_content (Default Articles)

    - Adding Custom content

    - Custom Styles

  • What Joomla versions does it support?

    It supports any Joomla 3x version including latest Joomla. It does not support Joomla 2.5
  • How can I use image article image in the slider?

    If you use Joomla default articles, You have to set article image. It will be displayed as thumbnails. In the case of custom content, You have options to select image in the back end
  • Can I customize the styles?

    Yes, there are customs styles options in the back end, you can use your custom png/jpg/gif image as the slider background. You can use only background color as well
  • Need custom development?

    JoomXone develops custom Joomla extensions as well as Joomla website. Feel Free to contact us with your thoughts

Options & Support

 Options Breakdown

#   Supports Joomla native articles

#   Display Joomla article Image as thumb

#   Category Selection option in the back end

#   Display articles by individual article ID

#   Custom content at slider with custom Image

#   Customizable styles. You can choose color/image by yourself

#   Fully responsive enough to fit at any device screen

 Customer Support

We always care about customer's satisfaction for both free and premium products. If feel you need support for installation/configuration for fixing bug, feel free to contact us. whatever product you perchase, you can issue Support Ticket to get support.

Issue Support Ticket

Frontend Mockup

  • Frontend Demo 1

  • Frontend Demo 2

Backend Screens

  • Admin Screenshot 1

  • Admin Screenshot 2

  • Admin Screenshot 3

  • Admin Screenshot 4

  • Admin Screenshot 5

  Version - 1.0 Support - Joomla 3.x & 4.x  Premium Joomla Module

Ajax Voice Search for Joomla Documentation

This is an Amazing Joomla Extension that searches Joomla Content/Articles with your voice command. The extension package includes a Plugin and a Module. Once you install the package, both extensions will be installed. At first, enable the plugin and then publish the module anywhere you want.  The Plugin has options to select which component it will search. The module has style options and Search Types. It has text ajax search option as well besides the voice search, You have to choose it in module options The search result shows in two layouts - On the Fly and General. You can choose any of one in the module backend. (Make sure your device has an Internet connection and your domain has https://).

Supported Components: Joomla Artcles, Virtumart, K2, Zoo, EasyBlog

The search works with Title Matching of the content.

Installation Steps

  • Go to Extension -> Manage -> Install from Joomla Admin Menu.
  • Choose "Upload Package File" Tab. Then upload/Drag Extension zip file (See Screenshot-1)
  • You will see success message of Installation

Configuration Steps

  • When you will install the package file, 2-extensions will be installed. One is a Plugin (AJAX Voice Helper), another is a Module (Ajax Voice Search). 
  • At first enable the plugin. Go to plugin Manager, Open the plugin and enable it. The plugin has options to select component. The search will work with your chosen component. So you can choose a component as well. (See Screenshot-2)
  • Now go to module manager, Open the Module and publish it where you want to display the search field.
  • The module has several options in the back end (See Screenshot-3)
    • Select search Type: The search can be performed in 3-ways - Voice Search, Normal Search will writing text and ENTER, onKeyUp Search - On typing. So you can choose what you like
    • Select Voice language: This is only for Voice Search Feature. This language the voice/pronounciation/accent of different country. There is drop-down, you can choose language. But that language must be installed at you Joomla Admin.
    • Search Result Panel: How you wan to see the search results. There are two layout of displaying search result.
    • There are more other options like - font-color, size, search field style, button etc. You can customize as your own.

Video Documentation

Video Doc is Coming Soon

All Screenshots

  • Scheenshot-1

  • Screenshot-2

  • Screenshot-3

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