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Plugin Version: 1.0 - last updated version

Secured PDF Viewer - Joomla Plugin

This is an amazing content Plugin works with a shortcode. you can place as many PDFs as you can to your Joomla Articles and K2 Items. It supports both Joomla native articles and K2 component items. Just install the plugin and enable it, then put the PDF URL with the shortcode to Joomla articles or k2 items whatever you choose(Shortcode example is given at plugin backend and FAQ section of this page). It's better if you put the shortcode in the toggle mode of the editor.  Please check out the demo link given below.

Supported Components: It supports Joomla Default Articles and Com K2 Items


This Plugin installation is same as you install other Joomla extensions. Please follow the steps below - 

  • Login to Joomla Administrator Panel
  • From top bar menu, go to Extensions → Manage
  • Select Upload Package File tab. Now drag and drop the extension zip file. OR you can browse the zip file and upload. That's it
  • When uploading is done, you will see the success message of the installation. Now you can enable the plugin from Plugin manager and configure it.


The whole configuration process has two parts - 
  1. Configure the Plugin
  2. Configure the Short-code and Disply PDF document
Let's start form the beggining - 

Plugin Configuration

Just to inform you, the plugin is congifured by default, But you need to be introduced about all plugin options. please check the list below and see the attached image[Image-1].

  • From Plugin manager(Manage → Plugins) please open the Plugin and enable first.
  • You can see so many plugin options. Please check all the options
  • You can choose any of the PDF disply themes (Dark/Light)
  • The Plugin has PDF viewer options (PdfJs/ViewerJs). You can choose any of them
  • PDF display size control (Width, Height) and style
  • Secure PDF option (enable/disable downloading PDF)
  • Start Page number and default Zoom options

Display PDF by Short-code

  • The short-code works only at Joomla Default Article and K2 Items so you can choose any of the component.
  • Please copy the following short-code and paste anywhere into Joomla Article/ K2 items in toggle mode.
  • Inside the short-code you can set you PDF Url. The URL can be absulote path or relative path of the same site where you are using the plugin. Best practise is if you upload the PDF at your own site and use full/absulote path. Check the image below. [Image-2]
  • And don't forget to enable Secured option at plugin back end.
  • After placing the short-code save the article/item and check at the front end
  • Please remember, the pligin might not work properly integration with any thirt-party extension like any Page Builder.
  • If you need support, feel free to knock us

Video Documentation

Check the following video documentation of a wide overview of configuration of the plugin.

Frontend Mockup

Please check the following screenshot. The PDF document will be displaying like this -

Download and Support

Download this Plugin by going to the extension product page. You will find more details about this plugin. Please click on Download button below to go to the download page. and Click on Support Button below to navigate to our Support Forum
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