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Jx Facebook Live Chat Messenger for Joomla

Jx Facebook Live Chat Messenger -  a Joomla System Plugin that helps you to live chat with customers/users with most popular social media network Facebook Messenger directly from your website. This plugin allows you to integrate your Messenger experience directly into your website and helps your users or customers to inquiry about any query. It has color customization options at the back end to choose your own color schemes.

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Core Features

Latest Joomla Support

It support latest joomla and Joomla 4 Alpha.

Custom Position

You can set where the chat will be displayed. options are in the Plugin back end

Customizable Styles

The color of the chat is customizable. You can use you color schemes

Live chat

The live chat system is help user to easily communicate or connect.

Light Weight

The plugin is very lightweight and used clean coding by a skilled developer

Style Matched Template

You can use custom styles to match the style simillar to your template

FAQ & Version History

  • Version-1.0

    - March 05, 2021

    - Support Latest Joomla

    - System Plugins

    - Custom Styles & Positions

  • What Joomla versions does it support?

    It supports any Joomla 3x version including latest Joomla. It does not support Joomla 2.5
  • Can I set positions?

    Yes you can. You can set it left or right but both are bottom position. 
  • Can I customize the styles?

    Yes, you can change the messanger color only.
  • Can i change the language?

    Yes you can change the language of messanger. The chosen language must be support by Facebook and Joomla (all setup language).

Options & Support

 Options Breakdown

#   It can be displayed at all pages of your site. 

#   You can choose selective pages/menus to display as well.

#   You have custom positioning options.

#   Messenger color/style can be customized.

#   Configuration is too easy. It's a System plugin, you just need to install and enable.

#   Options to add Facebook Page ID.

#   Options for Setting custom Message by default for the users.

#   Fully responsive enough to fit at any device screen.

 Customer Support

We always care about customer's satisfaction for both free and premium products. If feel you need support for installation/configuration for fixing bug, feel free to contact us. whatever product you perchase, you can issue Support Ticket to get support.

Issue Support Ticket

Frontend Mockup

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  • Frontend Demo 3

Backend Screens

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