Secured PDF Viewer

Display PDF at Joomla Site on Article page and k2 Item as well.

This is an amazing content Plugin works with a shortcode. you can place as many PDFs as you can to your Joomla Articles and K2 Items. It supports both Joomla native articles and K2 component items. Just install the plugin and enable it, then put the PDF URL with the shortcode to Joomla articles or k2 items whatever you choose(Shortcode example is given at plugin backend and FAQ section of this page). It's better if you put the shortcode in the toggle mode of the editor. Please check out the demo link given below.
Supported Components: It supports Joomla Default Articles and Com K2 Items

Core Features


Joomla Articles and K2 Items

It supports Joomla native articles and Com K2 Items. Use shortcode - {seqpdfviewer=YOUR_PDF_FILE_PATH}.

Secured Option

The plugin makes the PDF fully secured. No option to download the file.

Custom Styles

It has two themes one is light and other one is dark. There is more option of styles.

Fit to Responsive Devices

The icons are fully responsive enough to fit any responsive devices

Custom Position

You can set width and height. This plugin is shortcode based so you can display the plugin anywhere throw the article.

PDF customization

You can load directly throw page number and default zoom control.

FAQ & Version History

Version History

Version: 2.5.0

- Published: January 18, 2024

- PHP Script Updated

- JS Script Updated

- Supports Joomla 3x, J4x and J5x

- PHP Version Support: PHP 7.2 - latest PHP 8.x

- Improved code and Minor Bug fix

Version: 2.0
Version: 1.5
Version: 1.0


What Joomla versions does it support?
Secured PDF viewer-v2.5.0 supports J3x/J4x/J5x Joomla versions.It does not support Joomla 2.5
What is the shortcode?
What is the pdf size?
Can anybody download PDF? or copy content ?
My PDF is not loading! or It's showing some error! what can I do?
Can I customize the styles?
Need custom development?
How can I get support?

Admin Screens and Features Breakdown


Features Breakdowns

  • You can choose Theme 'Dark' and 'Light'
  • Select PDF Viewer Library (The one you like)
  • Set Custom Height and Width
  • Display position selection. Custom positioning value can be set
  • Enable/Disable Border around the PDF
  • Set custom triggeing positions
  • Set starting sage number
  • Enable/Disable Default Zoom

Frontend Mockup

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