Site Background Gradientify for Joomla

It beautifies your site background. See demo for details.

Site Background Gradientify - an awesome Joomla System Plugin! that shows beautiful Page Background with Gradient effect at you Joomla site. You can set different designs for different pages. Page selection condition is also available. We introduce the front end class selection from the back end. You can add different gradient on different classes. The configuration is very simple - Just install the Plugin, Enable it and choose options and save the Plugin

Core Features


Latest Joomla Support

It support latest joomla 3.9 and above.

Custom Position

You can set class name where the Gradient will be displayed. options are in the Plugin back end

Customizable Styles

The styles of the Gradient is customizable. You can use you color schemes and set angle.

Fit to Responsive Devices

The Gradient is fully responsive enough to fit any smart devices

Light Weight

The extension is very lightweight and used clean coding by a skilled developer

Style Matched Template

You can use custom styles to match the style simillar to your template

FAQ & Version History

Version History

Version: 1.0

- Published: March 05, 2021

- Support Latest Joomla

- System Plugins

- Custom Styles & Positions

- PHP Version Support: PHP 5.6 or Above


What Joomla versions does it support?
It supports any Joomla 3x version including latest Joomla and also it supports J4 Alpha. It does not support Joomla 2.5
How the the class selection work?
How many color do i set for one class?
Need custom development?
How can I get support?

Admin Screens and Features Breakdown


Features Breakdowns

  • It can be displayed at all pages of your site
  • Custom Social Media Links can be set at the backend
  • Enable/Disable Fontawesome CSS
  • Display position selection. Custom positioning value can be set
  • Triggering options available. You can choose when the icons will appear(On hover/ On Click)
  • Set custom triggeing positions
  • Button style customization options are available. You can even put your own icon class
  • Font Styingling options are available.
  • Supports Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc
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