Ajax Voice Search for Joomla Content

To Search, Click on Microphone button and say any of the following words - "Getting Started, How to Install, Articles, Voice search etc."

**Note: After clicking on the Microphone button your browser might not allow recording voice the first time. So you have to allow it once. Then it will start recording. Make sure you have Internet connection and your domain has https://

Features Breakdown

  • It works for Joomla Articles, K2 Items, Zoo Items, EasyBlog and Virtue Product Search
  • It searches with the title match of the content
  • The extension package includes a Plugin and a Module
  • The Plugin has options to select which component it will search
  • The module has style options and Search Types
  • It has text ajax search option as well besides the voice search, You have to choose it in module options
  • The search result shows in two layouts -  On the Fly and General. You can choose any of one in the module backend.
  • Make sure your device has an Internet connection and your domain has https://

About Helix

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